• RiC-O (Records in Contexts-Ontology) is an OWL ontology for describing archival record resources. As the second part of Records in Contexts standard, it is a formal representation of Records in Contexts Conceptual Model (RiC-CM). The current official version is <html:strong>v0.2</html:strong>; it is compliant with RiC-CM v0.2 full draft, that will be published in February or March 2021, and that is slightly different from <html:a href="https://www.ica.org/sites/default/files/ric-cm-0.2_preview.pdf">RiC-CM v0.2 preview, that was published in December 2019. RiC-O provides a generic vocabulary and formal rules for creating RDF datasets (or generating them from existing archival metadata) that describe in a consistent way any kind of archival record resource. It can support publishing RDF datasets as Linked Data, querying them using SPARQL, and making inferences using the logic of the ontology. @en