• The Advene project aims at providing a model and various formats to share annotations about digital video documents (movies, courses, conferences...), as well as tools to edit and visualize the hypervideos generated from both the annotations and the audiovisual documents. Teachers, moviegoers, etc. can use them to exchange multimedia comments and analyses about video documents. The Cinelab model allows not only to represent video annotations, but also an elicitation of their structure (through notions of schema and annotation type), as well as their presentations with views (templates applied on data to produce hypervideos) and queries. This model has been developed by the partners of the Cinelab project (2007-2008, funded by the french national research agency), and used afterwards in a number of projects and applications, including Advene (LIRIS) and Ligne de temps (IRI). @en
  • Creative Workshop Management Ontology (CWMO) - an ontology designed to describe the creative workshop domain, to permit reasoning on creative method and to describe resources gathered inside Creative Support System. The primary goal of the ontology is to cover all knowledge about creative workshop and creative method necessary for Creative support system. The second goal is to provide interoperability between distributed Creative Support System. @en
  • RiC-O (Records in Contexts-Ontology) is an OWL ontology for describing archival record resources. As the second part of Records in Contexts standard, it is a formal representation of Records in Contexts Conceptual Model (RiC-CM). The current official version is <html:strong>v0.2</html:strong>; it is compliant with RiC-CM v0.2 full draft, that will be published in February or March 2021, and that is slightly different from <html:a href="https://www.ica.org/sites/default/files/ric-cm-0.2_preview.pdf">RiC-CM v0.2 preview, that was published in December 2019. RiC-O provides a generic vocabulary and formal rules for creating RDF datasets (or generating them from existing archival metadata) that describe in a consistent way any kind of archival record resource. It can support publishing RDF datasets as Linked Data, querying them using SPARQL, and making inferences using the logic of the ontology. @en