• The Data Knowledge Vocabulary allows for a comprehensive description of data assets and enterprise data management. It covers a business data dictionary, data quality management, data governance, the technical infrastructure and many other aspects of enterprise data management. The vocabulary represents a linked data implementation of the Data Knowledge Model which resulted from extensive applied research. @en
  • The Internet of Construction Ontology (IoC) construction process ontology is intended to represent a comprehensive solution of how processes in the construction industry can be modelled. Due to the iterative nature of creating an ontology, the construction process ontology presented here can at best be considered a working state at the time of publication. Our approach emphasizes the simplest and most comprehensive mapping possible, which is only extended based on insights from practical use when otherwise compelling limitations in usability and applicability arise. Thus, the extension and refinement of the developed construction process ontology strongly depends on the integration of further areas of the construction value chain and the connection of further domain ontologies. @en
  • The process execution ontology is a proposal for a simple extension of both the [W3C Semantic Sensor Network](https://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-ssn/) and the [Semantic Actuator Network](https://www.irit.fr/recherches/MELODI/ontologies/SAN.owl) ontology cores. @en
  • This ontology defines common evaluation interpretation concepts for statistics. @en