• The Geometry Metadata Ontology contains terminology to Coordinate Systems (CS), length units and other metadata (file size, software of origin, etc.). GOM is designed to be at least compatible with OMG (Ontology for Managing Geometry) and FOG (File Ontology for Geometry formats), and their related graph patterns. In addition, GOM provides terminology for some experimental data structures to manage (marked as vs:term_status = unstable): * transformed geometry (e.g. a prototype door geometry that is reused for all doors of this type). This is closely related to the transformation of Coordinate Systems @en
  • The TSN-Change ontology aims at describing changes that occured from one version of a Territorial Statistical Nomenclature (TSN) (i.e., partition of the territory) and its subsequent (e.g., change in territorial units boundaries to reflect an administrative reorganisation). @en